VINE.of.SEEDS: AMETHYST BLUE: color options

$ 164.00
If you love blue, you will love this!  Made of custom, amethyst blue, Swarovski crystals and waxed Irish linen, this piece can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet.  Simply wrap as many times as you desire and clasp.  So cool as a bracelet, you just dangle the loop over the edge of your wrist and wrap up and down arm till you get the look you want, then clasp.  Unclasp and unwind.  Fantastic paired with a matching HOOP, NEST or DISC earring!  
COLORS pictured:  BLACK, CARAMEL, PURPLE with blue.amethyst
LAST picture: vs. BLACK.w.sapphire
LENGTH:  Approx. 114" with 14kt goldfill or sterling silver lobster clasp