..... be kind to yourself and your jewelry .....


Pearls should NEVER be sprayed with perfume or cleaned with jewelry cleaner.  Pearls can be run along a clean white cloth to remove surface oils left from skin.

crystals:  Designs with crystals can be washed in a sudsy solution of hand dishwashing detergent ( I like Dawn®) and water.  Put a drop of soap in a bowl and make a sudsy solution.  Swish piece around, rinse well and towel or air dry.  This will remove oils from our lotions and potions and jewelry will sparkle like new.

all metals :  Use a polishing cloth for chains or metal components with pearls or precious stones, avoiding stones. Rinse in a sudsy solution (see above) or with a damp paper towel.  For hard to reach areas of sterling or goldfill, use a liquid jewelry cleaner.  Town Talk’s “Silver Sparkle” is good and can be used with crystals and aluminum.  Buy @ your local hardware store or on Amazon.  Rinse well and towel or air dry.

aluminum:  If by rare chance you happen to nick the surface and remove color, use an art or sharpie marker of the same color for touch-ups.

good advice:  Always keep jewelry stored in protective box or bag provided.  Matisse cutouts and works made with aluminum will fade if left on a sunny window ledge for extended periods of time.   Placing jewelry in a plastic bag, inside its box, can also help stop tarnishing, by keeping it away from contaminates in the air.  Please care for your piece like a prized possession and do NOT throw in the bottom of your jewelry box.

Thank you and Enjoy!