SPIRAL.necklaces "Sayulita" gold/silver

$ 200.00

You will never regret having these necklaces!  They are incredibly wearable, versatile and in the perfect, go to, gold and silver combination!  Antique gold aluminum spirals are set in sterling bezels and dangle from sterling chains.  You can always clasp one chain to the other for more length options.  I love the look of two necklaces, but one is fun layered with silver chains or on its own!

COLORS:  Antique gold in sterling with sterling chain
(See aluminum colorchart to pick your own colors)
Shorter necklace:  22.5" with 7 SPIRALS:  $236.
Longer necklace:  25.5" with 7 SPIRALS:  $248.
NOTE:  Don't want antique, but maybe multi-color?  Please contact the studio to create your own necklaces!