DISC.pendant: large GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE options

$ 365.00
Each flat nest pendant is handwoven of aluminum and custom colors of Swarovski crystals, creating a stunning necklace that catches the light in all directions.  This mesmerizing necklace is available in many color combinations, see chart.
COLOR pictured:  LIME blue green
COLOR on MODEL:  GRASS emerald blue, matching NEST.earrings
CHAINS:  Diamond cut gold or sterling silver vermeil chains 
LENGTH:  16", 18" or 20"
DIMENSIONS:   1.25" diameter
NOTE:  Most color come with gold chain so the chain blends with your skin and does not stand out and deter from the visual effect.  Designs with silver crystals will come with sterling diamond chains.  If you are strictly a "silver" wearer, the choice is yours with any of the colors!