DISC.earrings: medium

$ 278.00

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Each pair of disc earrings are handwoven of aluminum and capture a corresponding complimentary color of swarovski crystals into the weave creating wildly lightweight and stunning earrings.  This style sheds a beautiful twinkle and light to your face as you move and is available in many color combinations!
COLORS:   See colorchart for all your options
COLOR pictured:  E-7:  BLACK.with.multi.color
ADDITIONAL picture:  B-1:  ANTIQUE.with.yellow
COLOR on MODEL:  B-1:  ANTIQUE.with.yellow
EAR WIRES:  14/20 goldfill or sterling
DIMENSIONS:  Each earring is approx. 7/8th of an inch in diameter
NOTE:  Goldfill is used for most colors so the wire blends with your skin and does not stand out and deter from the visual effect.  Designs with silver crystals will come with sterling.  If you are strictly a "silver" wearer, you have the option to choose sterling!
KARAT GOLD:  Karat gold earrings wires are available for special order 

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