HOOP.earrings: medium

$ 168.00

These are classic sized, round hoop earring.  Each mesmerizing earring is hand-spun from over 5 feet of aluminum and encrusted with custom swarovski crystals around the edge. Many people also consider the oval shape of this earring for a flattering new look, but if you love the round shape, these will become favorites!

COLOR pictured:   GRAY multi-color
EARRING WIRES:  14/20 goldfill or sterling silver
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 1.25" in diameter
NOTE:  Goldfill is used for most colors so the wire blends with your skin and does not deter from the visual effect.  Designs with silver crystals will come with sterling.  If you are strictly a "silver" wearer, you have the option of sterling