HOOP.necklace: size: S oval

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Hand-spun of aluminum and custom swarovski, these small necklaces are very wearable and make popular gifts.  The aluminum is custom anodized to specific color choices and then adorned with swarovski to add a hint of twinkle.  

COLOR pictured:  F-2: PEACH.with.rosewater on gold diamond cut chain
ADDITIONAL pictures:  BLUSH and BLACK.with.rosegold (sm and med)
and A-9:  SILVER.w.silver on silver on silver diamond cut chain
CHAINS:  14/20 goldfill or sterling cable chains, rosegold cable + ball chain or sparkly diamond cut ball chains 
LENGTH:  16", 18" or 20" 
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 3/4" long and .5" wide

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