HOOP.earrings: OVAL.small

$ 110.00

Whether you go with the oval or round shape, these really are the perfect sized earring for most women and make great gifts.  Hand-spun aluminum hoops are encrusted with swarovski crystals and hang from your ear on 14/20 goldfill or sterling earring wires. They give just the right amount of twinkle to brighten your face and are a great size for everyday!

COLOR pictured:  LIGHT BLUE aquamarine
COLOR on MODEL:  LIME blue green
EARRING WIRES:  14/20 goldfill or sterling silver
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 7/8" long
NOTE:  Goldfill is used with most colors so the earring wire blends with your skin and does not stand out and deter from the visual effect.  Designs with silver crystals all come with sterling wires.  If you are strictly a "silver" wearer, you have the option to choose sterling for any color!