HOOP.earrings: OVAL.medium

$ 168.00

This wildly popular shape and size HOOP earring makes a wonderful choice for any woman who enjoys a medium sized earring, especially those with long or shoulder length hair.  This modern hoop earring in the flattering oval shape, helps to visually elongate the look of your neck and simply look gorgeous on!   Make memorable gifts too!

COLORS pictured:  :  BLUSH blue amethyst, PEACH hyacinth
COLORS on MODEL:  RED maroon blue, LIGHT BLUE aquamarine, ANTIQUE silver  
EARRING WIRES:  14/20 goldfill or sterling silver
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 1 and 3/8" long
NOTE:  Goldfill is used for most colors so the wire blends with your skin and does not deter from the visual effect.  Designs with silver crystals will come with sterling.  If you are strictly a "silver" wearer, you have the option of sterling