DISC.pendant: hematite:silver XS:gray

$ 185.00

Tiny silver hematite stone beads are all meticulously handwoven with gray aluminum to form this wonderful little necklace.  It hangs from an oxidized (blackened) silver diamond cut ball chain and is a great piece when you just want something small and intriguing.  It also looks great layered with other necklaces.

MATERIAL:   Silver hematite, gray aluminum
COLOR on MANNEQUIN:  left to right:  GRAY.w.silver.hematite (shown) GRAY.w.black.hematite, SILVER.w.silver.hematite
CHAIN:  Blackened silver diamond chain (shown) or silver or gold diamond cut vermeil ball chain
CHAIN LENGTH:  16" 18" and 20"
DIMENSIONS:   Approx. 5/8" in diameter