NECKLACE 29" long COCOON: PEACH with rosegold

$ 485.00

Looking for that long necklace look?  This gorgeous cocoon pendant necklace won't let you down!  Handwoven of pale peach aluminum into  this cocoon shape and then adorned with custom rosegold swarovski.  Each crystal is meticulously placed within the aluminum for a stunning look.  You can clasp anywhere along the chain if you want a shorter look.  I wear mine layered with a VINE.of.seeds necklace in rosegold if I want an extra ethereal twinkle.

MATERIALS:   Aluminum, swarovski, 14/20 goldfill chain
COLOR PICTURED:  PEACH.with.rosegold
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 3" long x .5" wide
CHAIN:  29" but clasp at any length
PLEASE NOTE:  Envisioning a different color?  Contact the studio to discuss