NECKLACE 29" long COCOON: LAVENDER with amethyst

$ 485.00

Lavender, purple, blue lovers this cocoon pendant is for you!  Handwoven aluminum is meticulously encrusted with amethyst blue crystals.  You can clasp anywhere along the chain for a shorter length.  Beautiful layered with a VINE.of.seeds necklace in lavender or purple with amethyst swarovski, you want an extra ethereal blue twinkle across your chest.

MATERIALS:   Aluminum, swarovski, 14/20 goldfill chain (shown)
CHAIN:   14/20 goldfill chain (shown), sterling or oxidized (blackened) sterling
CHAIN:  29" but clasp at any length
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 3" long x .5" wide
PLEASE NOTE:  Envisioning a different color?  Contact the studio to discuss