SPIRAL.bracelets: with.swarovski.crystals

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These are the same spiral bracelets people love, but with bling!  Special love should be shown to this lightweight, bracelet adorned with swarovski crystals.  Think of it like wearing a sequin top, you might loose a couple crystals if your party lasts too far into the night!  Treat it like any piece you love and treasure.   

COLORS:  See colorchart for all your options
COLORS pictured:  black, gray, silver
ADDITIONAL picture:  antique, silver
SIZES:  XS=7 3/4", S = 8",  M = 8 1/4", L = 8 1/2", XL = 8 3/4"
MEASURING HAND:  Squeeze your hand like you are putting on a bracelet and measure around the widest part of your hand.   This would be at the thumb knuckle that connects to your palm and about 1/4" below your pinkie finger.  Do NOT squeeze the string or tape measure, simply wrap around snuggly and take your measurement.
SPECIAL SIZING:  I can make bracelets as small as 5 1/2" and as large as 9 1/2"
PLEASE NOTE:  If you are rough on bracelets, these might not be the best choice 

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