SEED plantings DISC.necklace: SILVERY.BLUE.silver

$ 398.00

This stunning pendant is meticulously handwoven with a new pale, silvery blue aluminum into an open weave disc.  Working under magnification, silver mirror Swarovski are placed within the weave using a fine gauge of aluminum.  The silver beads dazzle like diamonds.  (My photography skills don't do it justice).  Tassel silver beading is added along the sterling chain to add femininity to the piece.  You can't help but feel pretty!

MATERIALS:   Aluminum, swarovski, sterling
COLOR PICTURED:  NEW silvery blue with silver swarovski
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 1.5" in diameter
CHAIN:  20", clasp anywhere for shorter lengths
PLEASE NOTE:  Envisioning a different color or length?  Don't want the tassel beading along the chain?  Contact the studio!