SEA.series: PRINCESS of the SEA: ONE.of.A.KIND

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ONE of A KIND necklace made from four strands of recycled glass, flat "sea pebbles" in light turquoise, sea blue and sea foam, plus a strand of dyed jade and 14kt goldfill chain.  The chain on this piece is removable and can be worn separately.  This new feature lets  you change the look of your necklace depending on your mood.  A 14kt goldfill slide clasp holds everything together and is super easy to use.  This an incredible statement piece is a one-of-a-kind, for a special woman!  

COLOR:   light turquoise, sea blue and sea foam recycled glass flat pebbles
MATERIALS:  recycled glass, dyed jade, 14kt goldfill chain
DIMENSIONS:  20.5" long with 14kt goldfill slide clasp


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