NEST.series: ONE.of.A.KIND: "DOUBLE delight"

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Two necklaces make up this incredible freshwater pearl and semi-precious stone set.  The first necklace has three handmade NESTS woven round with black aluminum and incorporate semi-precious stones: faceted spinel, black onyx and black garnet.  These nests are strung onto a strand of nesting freshwater keshi pearls, which have a pale gray lustre. The second necklace has three handwoven NESTS which incorporate freshwater pearls with the black aluminum.  These nests are then strung on a strand of faceted spinel.  One necklace by itself just wasn't enough.  Besides, they complement each other so well and make for a very dynamic set!
MATERIALS:  Faceted spinel, black onyx, black garnet, freshwater keshi pearls
DIMENSIONS:   27" and 30"

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