SEA.series: STARFISH.necklace

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Nothing beats a gift from nature!  Each starfish hangs from gold chain on this adjustable necklace.  It is great worn dressed up or simply with a solid color t-shirt.  It can be worn up to 24" long, but you have the freedom to link anywhere on the chain, making it very matter what summer outfits you find each year.  

MATERIALS:  5 real starfish, 14/20 goldfill
LENGTH:  Link anywhere on chain, up to 24"
KARAT GOLD:  Karat gold chains are available for special order 
NOTE:  Because the starfish are real, their surface is somewhat porous, so from time to time I wash mine.  Simply make a sudsy solution with a drop of Dawn dishwashing solution in a bowl of water.  Use a papertowel to wipe down the starfish with the solution, then use a clean, wet papertowel to rinse.  Air dry.  Super easy. This necklace comes packaged in a beautiful gift/storage box

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