WARRIOR.princess: LURE.necklace: 8 color choices

$ 325.00

This sexy necklace of black jet swarovski is so much better in person as it shimmers across your skin and is intended to lure people in.  The design is simple, but powerful and empowering.  Making this necklace takes careful and tedious attention to detail.  It is intended to be worn short around your neck and is beautiful in neutral colors like rosegold or silver.

COLOR pictured:  black jet, 14/20 goldfill chain
LENGTH of LURE:  5" at its longest
CHAIN:  14/20 goldfill or sterling
CHAIN LENGTH:  14" with 2"extender
PLEASE NOTE:  Want a different color than listed?  Want a different length?  Add in the special instructions box when ordering or contact the studio.