VINE.of.SEEDS: PINKS with Rosegold

$ 138.00
Drape yourself in rosegold twinkles by simply wrapping as many times as you like to make a necklace or bracelet. To create a bracelet, all you do is dangle the loop off the edge of your wrist and wrap up and down your arm till you achieve the look you want and clasp.  Unclasp and unwind.  Each piece is made of custom Swarovski crystals on linen.  Amazing paired with matching HOOP or NEST earrings.
COLORS pictured:  pale pink, hot pink and raspberry all with rosegold swarovski
LENGTH:  Approx. 114" with 14kt goldfill lobster clasp
WANT A DIFFERENT COLOR?:  Contact the studio if you don't see what you want!