SPIRAL.rings: small: 3size color options

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Spiral rings is where my entire line of aluminum jewelry began, so they are beloved favorites.  These are new, more wearable and addictive versions!  Collect different sizes and colors and change the color composition each day!   So much fun!  Very cool look.

COLORS:  See colorchart for all your options
MATERIALS:  Aluminum and 14/20 goldfill
DIMENSIONS:  Small:  3/16"  Medium: 1/4"  Large: 5/16" 
SIZING:  Ring sizes:  5, 6, 7, 8 available  
PLEASE NOTE:  Rings get more beat up than any of our other jewelry, so please consider these are more for fashion and less for everyday washing dishes kind of tasks.  Each ring is custom made for you, so please allow time for the creation.

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