ORBIT.chain.SS LARGE.loop: LAPIS lazuli 29.5"

$ 337.00

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There is nothing like the uniqueness of handmade chain, especially with the addition of lapis lazuli.  This sterling silver chain of large, round loops can we worn long, or you can clasp anywhere along the chain to change the look and length.  You can also link it to another chain to make longer or layer with your favorite necklaces.  Prefer a different stone?  How about black onyx?  Or maybe just plan silver is what you need.  All are available, you pick!

MATERIALS:  Lapis lazuli, sterling silver
LENGTH:  29.5", 26 stones
DIMENSIONS:  Links approx. 1" x 1.5"in varying round shapes
ADDITIONAL PICTURE:  Shown with ORBIT.mixed.loop chain (29.5" clasped to create cluster in front) and MOSAIC.series WAVEofLAPIS: medium pendant
NOTE:  If you prefer a different stone, please contact the studio.

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