MOONROCK.series Bubble.coral.Sterling 1.25"

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A return to my moonrock series, now with the addition of bubble coral in this gorgeous piece.  It is rare and a one-of-a-kind design because of the hole burnt into the silver.  This is achieved by bringing the silver to an almost molten state and in a split second of time trying to create a hole without melting all the silver into a giant blob.  I have many blobs on my soldering bench.  But when it happens, the effect is out of this world and thus the name of the series.  This piece might be hard to part with so buy it before I change my mind!

MATERIALS:   Sterling, bubble coral
NECK CORD:  Natural leather shown (Also available in brown and black)
LENGTH:  16", 18" or 20"
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 1.25" in diameter

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