NECKLACE 29" long COCOON: SILVERY.BLUE with silver+pearls

$ 485.00

For my silver or white gold ladies out there.... you can't go wrong with this silvery blue cocoon pendant with silver swarovski and white freshwater pearls.  Handwoven aluminum is meticulously encrusted with pearls and crystals.  You can clasp anywhere along the chain for a shorter length.  Beautiful layered with a VINE.of.seeds necklace in blue with silver swarovski, you want an extra ethereal twinkle of silver.

MATERIALS:   Aluminum, freshwater pearls, swarovski, sterling chain
COLOR PICTURED:  SILVERY.BLUE.with.silver and white pearls
DIMENSIONS:  Approx. 3" long x .5" wide
CHAIN:  29" but clasp at any length
PLEASE NOTE:  Envisioning a different color?  Contact the studio to discuss